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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: which java ?
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 16:54:00 GMT
2012/6/1 André Warnier <>:
> Hi.
> I am in the process of installing a new system at a customer, Tomcat 6 being
> part of the mix.  This is a Suse Enterprise Linux (SEL) system, and the
> sysadmins at the customer very strongly favor using the pre-packaged
> software available with that distribution.
> (A position which which I can sympathise, being myself the sysadmin for a
> bunch of systems).
> Anyway, the question is not directly about Tomcat, but about the Java JVM.
> Under that version of SEL, the standard Java package is not the Oracle/Sun
> JVM, but this one : Java 1.6.0 IBM SR10.1-0.3.1
> My question is : are there any kinds of problems/differences to be expected
> running Tomcat 6 over that JVM, as compared to the comparable Oracle/Sun
> version which I otherwise use everywhere else ?  And if yes, in which area
> could the differences show up ?
> The Tomcat applications to be run on that system are minimal, but there are
> a couple for which I do not have (and cannot get) the sources.
> Or to phrase the question otherwise : are there strong reasons to push for
> installing instead an Oracle/Sun 1.6 JVM on that system (outside the SEL
> package management system and thus risking to inconvenience the sysadmins)
> to run Tomcat 6 on it ?

1. The memory leaks protection code (in
JreMemoryLeakPreventionListener and in WebappClassLoader) is written
based on analysis of flaws in Sun/Oracle implementation of JRE. Your
experience with other JVMs might be different.  I would not say that
this is a critical feature though,  as many are still using 5.5 where
no such protection was ever implemented.

Look for issue 52850:in Tomcat 7 changelog.
I think it was not ported to 6.0, as changelog of 6.0 does not mention it.

2. Testing, testing, testing...  I would try to run Tomcat 7 testsuite
on that JDK to see if there are any noticeable failures. There is no
such suite for 6.0 though.  Maybe you can use some automated tests
from some web applications.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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