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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: puzzling stacktrace
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 14:09:25 GMT
2012/6/8  <>:
>> What did you put and where?
> CATALINA_HOME has everything from the distribution, untouched ( unless my build has changed
something, but it doesn't appear to be so ).  I've verified, in particular, that the server
and common libs are there, and that the values in point to them accurately.
>> Please follow instructions in RUNNING.txt closely.
> I believe that I have.  But it's not exactly clear to me on what I need in CATALINA_BASE.
 I have, at this point, only populated it with things that I have overridden.  For instance,
CATALINA_BASE/conf only has server.xml, because that's the only file I customized.  Are copies
of all the other ones supposed to be there too?
> Similarly, I don't even have a 'server', 'common', or 'shared' folder in my CATALINA_BASE
because I'm utilizing those classloaders.
> Perhaps this is wrong.  Personally, I can't tell from the RUNNING.txt doc.

All directories belong to their distinct place, which is either
CATALINA_HOME or CATALINA_BASE.  In the default configuration they are
in the same place only because those variables have the same value.

In general, whatever you can change in your configuration, belongs to
CATALINA_BASE and should be present there.

In Tomcat 5.5:
The following directories belong to CATALINA_HOME:
- bin
- common
- server

The following directories belong to CATALINA_BASE:
- file "bin/setenv.bat" (or .sh) only.
- conf
- logs
- shared
- temp
- webapps
- work

In later versions of Tomcat the list of directories is similar, but
slightly different.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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