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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Help Linking Static Content In a WebApp before and after (6.0.30.x)
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 20:04:55 GMT
2012/6/5 Morgan, Russel <>:
> Thanks yes that is the change that caused this issue with how we use static content.
> I am not sure how I mangled my formatting but I went through and cleaned it up, I hope
that helps readability.
> Russ
> Issue formatting recap below:
> =========================
> Tomcat Users:
> Has anyone found a graceful way to handle static content linking that works both pre
and post the the following change?
> We have quite a few customers on earlier versions of Tomcat 6 as well as new customers
picking up later versions that are post this patch.  I am looking for some kind of work around
that works in both generations.
> Here is an example of what we are doing as far as static linking in our webapp.
> So on older tomcat's (prior to 6.0.30)
> http://localhost:8080/cms/default/css/gopublish.css
> http://localhost:8080/cms/static/css/gopublish.css
> both work to hit items in the root of the webapp so .../cms(as webapp)/css/gopublish.css
> (...)
> I don't see that this problem can be worked around by servlet mapping or filters, since
the core behavior has changed.

Have you looked at UrlRewriteFilter, that I mentioned in my response
to the first e-mail? A link to it can be found here:

Your configuration could be something like this:
		<from casesensitive="true">^/static/(.+)</from>
		<from casesensitive="true">^/default/(.+)</from>

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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