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From "Morgan, Russel" <>
Subject RE: Help Linking Static Content In a WebApp before and after (6.0.30.x)
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 11:16:25 GMT
Thanks for the reply Christopher:

The filter / URL rewrite works great on all versions, correct. I could certainly post my config
but It works fine, so I am going to try to clarify what doesn't "work".

What I can't get to work in both versions is a link to a static resource.

I have to feed the different generations of Tomcat different URL's to get the same asset in
the same location in each container.

http://localhost:8080/cms/resources/resources/css/gopublish.css  Is needed in the pre 6.0.30.x
http://localhost:8080/cms/resources/css/gopublish.css  works just fine for the newer version
Post 6.0.30.x

What I don't know how to do is use that redirect filter/rewrite to change the url based on
the version of tomcat, which it seems I need to do, since the container pathing logic changed
across versions.

Or, if there was a better way to find a singular path to put static resources within a webApp
that would remain consistent (with respect to how to reference it), that exists, I could really
use that...

Thanks again guys, I hope that clarifies the issue.


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On 6/5/12 8:38 PM, Morgan, Russel wrote:
> I was initially pretty excited about the URL redirect idea, but after 
> some testing, it has led me back to the same result.
> I can make it work with redirects on either version of tomcat.
> Pre and Post that patch... I just can't make the same configuration 
> work for both versions.

What does your configuration actually look like? This should work under all versions: it's
just a servlet filter.

- -chris
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