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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: using clearReferencesStopTimerThreads value for context
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 08:12:57 GMT
On 27/06/2012 03:04, Supun Malinga wrote:
> Hi all,
> Say I have a webapp that don't stop all the timer threads it started upon
> the webapp undeploy/stop. So tomcat prints an error,
> "The web application [/NewStratosDBAccessServlet] appears to have started a
> thread named [MySQL Statement Cancellation Timer] but has failed to stop
> it. This is very likely to create a memory leak."
> The error says severe and we need to take some action against it.
> Therefore I set clearReferencesStopTimerThreads property to webapp context.
> Now tomcat prints,
> *SEVERE*: The web application [/NewStratosDBAccessServlet] appears to have
> started a TimerThread named [Timer-8] via the java.util.Timer API but has
> failed to stop it. To prevent a memory leak, the timer (and hence the
> associated thread) has been *forcibly canceled*.
> Thought it indicates the timer threads are cleared the log is still
> "SEVERE". May I know the intention of keeping it as "SEVERE" ?

Because the web application still has a bug. Whether or not Tomcat is
working around it is irrelevant to the severity of the bug in the web
application. All memory leaks of this nature are reported as errors.

> Wouldn't it be of "WARN" or perhaps "INFO" ?


> Any help is highly appreciated..

Getting rid of that message is simple. Fix the bug in the web application.


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