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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: restrict per user public_html to serve static files only...
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 07:44:24 GMT
Regarding the style of communications : on this list, it is preferred if posters answer 
*below* the respective text to which they refer, not on top of the message.
It makes it so much easier to follow the flow of the conversation (rather than having to 
scroll up and down to find the appropriate paragraph).

Kim wrote:
> Hi,Andre
> Thanks for the advice. I do implement a Valve class to capture all the
> request before forwarding to actual web app. However, I can not know
> in advance the actual url for the servlet or JSP ..
> i.e. I can not know from the URI  in the Valve class that the
> resources is static files or servlet ...

How so ? can you explain ?
After all, Tomcat itself has to know if the resource being served is a servlet or jsp page

or something else, in order to serve it properly. So how come you cannot do the same ?

Another question : where is this "public_html" directory (?) actually located, and what 
does/can it contain, other than static pages ?

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