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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: iis not looking for jsp in tomcat webapps folder
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 07:57:44 GMT
Vijaya wrote:
> Thanks for the reply again Andre Warner. We reformatted our server and 
> installed a windows, IIS, and Tomcat all over. The problem still persists.
> This is what my setting is.
> Our portal URL is The class, and jsp files are 
> under the folder tomcat...\webapps\AtYourservice.
> Under  inetpub/wwwroot all html files are copied.
> When I log in to the portal using the URL 
>, the portal works fine. But if I 
> move the index.html to the inetpub/wwwroot folder, and log in to the 
> portal as, I get the 404 error as the IIS is not 
> looking at the JSP files in tomcat../AtYourservice folder through ISAPI 
> redirector.

What is the content of the index.html file ? (copy and paste it here)

What is the content of the files ? (copy and paste here)

> The only thing that was the problem BEFORE IIS FAILED was our router 
> link SUDDENLY WENT down and when I brought back the link, IIS stopped 
> talking to ISAPI filter.
> Can a bad router create this problem ?

In principle, no.  But again, we do not have direct access to your system, so we cannot 
look at what happened.

> Thanks,
> Vijaya
> -----Original Message----- From: André Warnier
> Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 1:49 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Re: iis not looking for jsp in tomcat webapps folder
> Hi.
> Quoting you :
> Vijaya wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply Andre Warnier. It is not virus. It happened over 
>> the week end while the download of signatures failed. It is that IIS 
>> is not looking at the tomcat' webapps folder for the jsps through 
>> ISAPI filter. When I try to delete isapi_redirector dll, I keep 
>> getting the error the file is in use by another program. I'll try to 
>> install the latest version of tomcat and see what happens.
> [...]
>>> After a long time I am having a problem that I cannot explain why is 
>>> it happening. Help will be very much appreciated.
>>> Our portal was working okay till last week. 
>>> Suddenly we had the anti virus software, and link problem and after 
>>> that the portal is not working okay.
>>> The current setting is
>>> In IIS 6, I have the jakarta isapi filter set  and the default 
>>> document only as and nothing else; All the portal related files are 
>>> moved under inetpub/wwwroot except the jspfiles. jspfiles are located 
>>> under tomcat../webapps/esb folder.
>>> The index.html that is located in wwwroot folder has nothing other 
>>> than calling index.jsp from webapps directory.
>>> Till last friday, the portal was working okay and all of us could 
>>> login to the portal from remote machines. last saturday, our link 
>>> went down and when I connected the link back, I am not able to login 
>>> to the portal both locally and remotely.
>>> the url  invokes the index.html (means the name server, iis is 
>>> working fine) but the index.jsp gives a 404 error.
>>> I tried all possible things like deleting the jakarta virtual 
>>> directory, recreating the reg entries, and deleting the 
>>> isap_redirector2.dll and copying back from the backup version. 
>>> Nothing is working.
>>> Can any body help me what I need to do (reinstall IIS)?
> Unquote
> Vijaya,
> there is not much that can be done with the explanation above.
> In summary :
> - it was "working" last week, and is "not working" this week.
> - something happened in-between, which may or may not involve a virus
> - since then you have been modifying Registry entries, 
> deleting/recreating files and/or
> moving them around
> - and still "nothing is working"
> In normal circumstances, and to take a shortcut, I would probably tell 
> you to
> 1) verify that Tomcat itself is working, by accessing your Tomcat 
> application directly,
> through Tomcat's own HTTP port
> 2) if Tomcat is working, then stop IIS, de-install isapi_redirector, and 
> re-install it
> properly according to the relevant on-line documentation.
> 3) and if you still have a problem then, turn on the logging feature of 
> isapi_redirector,
> check the logs and try to determine exactly what happens.
> But, considering that you have already been making changes all over, 
> including in the
> Registry, it is not even certain that the isapi_redirector 
> de-installation procedure can
> work properly and will really clean up.
> We do not have a crystal ball here, and we cannot see your real system 
> setup nor what
> happens to make it "not work". So unless you come back here with a 
> really precise and
> technical description of what you are doing, what happens, including a 
> copy of the
> relevant log messages, there is not more we could do.
> Otherwise, my recommendation would still be the same : re-install this 
> machine completely.
> Or use another machine, where Windows and IIS and Tomcat are a "clean" 
> install, add
> isapi_redirector, and try it out. If it works, then compare with the 
> machine that does not
> work.
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