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From Kiran Badi <>
Subject Re: URL Rewriting
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 21:34:44 GMT
Thanks Hassan.
> If you want 'clean' URLs you should get rid of the '.jsp' too, but ...

The bottom line is the value for 'id' needs to come from somewhere.
Your choices are:

1) Embed it in the URL for GET requests, either via query string or
     as path info  (e.g. /story/data/17 ) and handle the security aspect
     (if any) yourself

Kiran : I think this is what I am presently doing.
> 2) Use a form to POST the request with the id included (a bit clunky,
>       same security issue)
Form will not work as data is dynamic and form I feel will not serve the 
> 3) Save the 'id' in session and use that -- everyone sees the same URL
>       e.g. /story/data but with unique data. Obviously, this doesn't work for
>       a resource that's intended to be shared  :-)
Yup I agree, session is ruled out.I just dont have that much patience to 
figure the things out if I get some nasty behavior.I just dont have that 
level of skill nor time.
The way I have done this is ok for me, it serves my purpose and also I 
dont have the data which is kind of private.Its just that I was 
exploring if we can hide the id.


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