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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: iis not looking for jsp in tomcat webapps folder
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 08:19:34 GMT

Quoting you :

Vijaya wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Andre Warnier. It is not virus. It happened over 
> the week end while the download of signatures failed. It is that IIS is 
> not looking at the tomcat' webapps folder for the jsps through ISAPI 
> filter. When I try to delete isapi_redirector dll, I keep getting the 
> error the file is in use by another program. I'll try to install the 
> latest version of tomcat and see what happens.


>> After a long time I am having a problem that I cannot explain why is 
>> it happening. Help will be very much appreciated.
>> Our portal was working okay till last week. 
>> Suddenly we had the anti virus software, and link problem and after 
>> that the portal is not working okay.
>> The current setting is
>> In IIS 6, I have the jakarta isapi filter set  and the default 
>> document only as and nothing else; All the portal related files are 
>> moved under inetpub/wwwroot except the jspfiles. jspfiles are located 
>> under tomcat../webapps/esb folder.
>> The index.html that is located in wwwroot folder has nothing other 
>> than calling index.jsp from webapps directory.
>> Till last friday, the portal was working okay and all of us could 
>> login to the portal from remote machines. last saturday, our link went 
>> down and when I connected the link back, I am not able to login to the 
>> portal both locally and remotely.
>> the url  invokes the index.html (means the name server, iis is working 
>> fine) but the index.jsp gives a 404 error.
>> I tried all possible things like deleting the jakarta virtual 
>> directory, recreating the reg entries, and deleting the 
>> isap_redirector2.dll and copying back from the backup version. Nothing 
>> is working.
>> Can any body help me what I need to do (reinstall IIS)?

there is not much that can be done with the explanation above.
In summary :
- it was "working" last week, and is "not working" this week.
- something happened in-between, which may or may not involve a virus
- since then you have been modifying Registry entries, deleting/recreating files and/or 
moving them around
- and still "nothing is working"

In normal circumstances, and to take a shortcut, I would probably tell you to
1) verify that Tomcat itself is working, by accessing your Tomcat application directly, 
through Tomcat's own HTTP port
2) if Tomcat is working, then stop IIS, de-install isapi_redirector, and re-install it 
properly according to the relevant on-line documentation.
3) and if you still have a problem then, turn on the logging feature of isapi_redirector,

check the logs and try to determine exactly what happens.

But, considering that you have already been making changes all over, including in the 
Registry, it is not even certain that the isapi_redirector de-installation procedure can 
work properly and will really clean up.

We do not have a crystal ball here, and we cannot see your real system setup nor what 
happens to make it "not work". So unless you come back here with a really precise and 
technical description of what you are doing, what happens, including a copy of the 
relevant log messages, there is not more we could do.

Otherwise, my recommendation would still be the same : re-install this machine completely.
Or use another machine, where Windows and IIS and Tomcat are a "clean" install, add 
isapi_redirector, and try it out. If it works, then compare with the machine that does not


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