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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: iis not looking for jsp in tomcat webapps folder
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 10:17:09 GMT
Vijaya wrote:
> Hi All,
> After a long time I am having a problem that I cannot explain why is it happening. Help
will be very much appreciated.
> Our portal was working okay till last week. Suddenly we had the
anti virus software, and link problem and after that the portal is not working okay.
> The current setting is
> In IIS 6, I have the jakarta isapi filter set  and the default document only as and nothing
else; All the portal related files are moved under inetpub/wwwroot except the jspfiles. jspfiles
are located under tomcat../webapps/esb folder.
> The index.html that is located in wwwroot folder has nothing other than calling index.jsp
from webapps directory.
> Till last friday, the portal was working okay and all of us could login to the portal
from remote machines. last saturday, our link went down and when I connected the link back,
I am not able to login to the portal both locally and remotely. 
> the url  invokes the index.html (means the name server, iis is working fine) but the
index.jsp gives a 404 error. 
> I tried all possible things like deleting the jakarta virtual directory, recreating the
reg entries, and deleting the isap_redirector2.dll and copying back from the backup version.
Nothing is working. 
> Can any body help me what I need to do (reinstall IIS)?

If you suspect that there was a virus infection, then the prudent thing to do is to take 
the server off the network, and re-install it completely (Windows included).
I would say specially if this is a web server, because you may be spreading this virus 
much more widely than you even think.  You probably already have.

As for other help, what do you expect ? if it is a virus, then who knows what it may have

corrupted.  Re-install the system, and the next time, choose a platform and software that

is less suceptible to that kind of thing (hint).

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