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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Can someone suggest mail some opensource mail server which works well with Tomcat.
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2012 20:19:13 GMT
Kiran Badi wrote:
> Any feedback on apache james ?
>> I've never used it, so I can't comment. What I would ask is: why are
>> you are specifically looking for a Java-based mail server?
> I was looking for open source server ,capable for serving atleast 5k 
> mails daily to begin with.Since I am using java api, I am under 
> impression that java based mail servers will have support for java api's.


Let me try to explain again what several other people here have tried to explain to you 

There are two different and separate things here :

1) an email server, capable of
- sending out the emails that your application is composing, toward email recipients that

are "somewhere else"
- receiving emails coming from other senders and destined to some local "email mailbox", 
and putting these emails in that mailbox, so that a local recipient can read them when 
they want

2) an interface library, which provides an API that makes it easy for your application to
- compose emails that you want to send out; and forward these emails to the email server,

so that it can send them out
- connect to a mailbox, to read received emails that are waiting for someone to read them;

and maybe parsing these emails, to extract something out of them; and maybe to forward one

of these emails to some other mailbox.

(1) is a separate package (like sendmail, exim4, courier, and several others).  You 
install it, configure it and run it as a daemon.  Then you create "email accounts" with 
that email server, so that it would have "email mailboxes" with "email addresses" to which

external people/programs can send emails.
This package can be written in any language, it does not matter; your programs will not 
directly call the internal functions of this email server, so it will make no difference 
whether it is written in Java or not.

(2) is an API library, and for that one it will matter what language it is written in, 
because your programs will need to call functions of this library, to send outgoing emails

or to read incoming emails that are sitting in one of the email server's mailboxes.

Graphically :

(your.program <===> email library) <---- SMTP or POP3 or IMAP --> email server
<> Internet

<===> are calls from your program, into functions of the library
<---> is a TCP/IP connection between that library and some email server, and the 
"language" used over that connection is SMTP or POP3 or IMAP

It is similar to what you would use if your program needed to talk to another webserver:

(your.program <===> HTTP Client library) <--- HTTP or HTTPS --> web server
It does not matter if the web server is an Apache httpd, IIS, Tomcat or, or

whatever language that webserver is written in, or if it is local or remote.

Similarly, it does not matter which email server you are going to use.  It just needs to 
support the email protocol you want to use and which your library supports.

The /library/ is what matters.
And for Java, the one that comes to mind first is Javamail.
(It can help you composing ans sending emails; but I do not know if it can /read/ incoming


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