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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Java process killed by oom-killer in Ubuntu
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 18:44:26 GMT
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On 6/6/12 5:33 PM, Jorge Medina wrote:
> The web application uses Spring/Postgres/Mongo.

Are you using MongoDB in-process or anything weird like that? Or are
you connecting through some socket-based (or other) API?

> It looks like a memory leak in native code, not java code; so my 
> usual java toolset is not useful.

If what you are observing is accurate (non-heap memory grows, heap
stays reasonable) then it will definitely be more difficult to track-down.

> Tomcat runs behind nginx in a EC2 instance. The application uses 
> Sun (now Oracle) JDK 1.6.
> Any suggestions on what should I look at?

What do your <Connectors> look like? How many JDBC connections do you
have in your connection pool (which you are hopefully using!)? How
about the same equivalent for MongoDB?

Does your webapp keep lots of files open? Do you have an
unusually-large number of JAR files in your webapp? Do you have any
native libraries in use within your webapp?

What are all the non-default system properties that you are setting at
JVM launch time (you can easily see this from a 'ps' list)?

Two things that can eat-up native memory fast in a JVM are file
descriptors and threads, so let's start there.

- -chris
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