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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: getting frustrated with web sockets
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 18:13:18 GMT
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On 6/6/12 11:09 AM, David kerber wrote:
> On 6/6/2012 10:54 AM, Ravi wrote:
>> Mark / Chris,
>> Essentially, if I want to use websockets, you are asking me to
>> rewrite my app + rewrite grails + rewrite hibernate + rewrite
>> apache http utilities + rewrite several other web libraries I
>> use.
>> I do not think this is a reasonable option.
> Or rewrite your app to not libraries that won't work with your
> desired communications method.
> Or rewrite your app to use a communications method that will work
> with those libraries.


I'm not sure why anyone would have to rewrite hibernate in order to
use it with WebSocket: AFAIK, there is no dependency from hibernate ->
servlet API.

Grails is a "web framework" which probably fairly tightly-couples
itself to the servlet API. Certain other frameworks (off the top of my
head, Spring and Apache Struts 2) do not depend upon the servlet API
unless you want them to. You can certainly write your own glue that
will shuttle servlet-API-provided data (i.e. from the request or
session) to your business logic (which should never rely on the
servlet API) and then write similar glue that uses the WebSocket APIs.

- -chris
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