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From Ravi <>
Subject Re: getting frustrated with web sockets
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 19:18:44 GMT

Thanks a lot Chris. It took a lot of work for me to get websockets to 
work. I wonder if you can help me little further. Here is my issue:

1. I need to get access to request and session. However when I get a 
message in MyMessageInboundImpl class, I do not have access to either of 

2. I tried to override doGet and save request/session, however after 
saving request/session when I call super.doGet, I get "unauthorized 

How can I get access to request and/or session when a message arrives?


On 6/2/2012 3:32 AM, Christian Finckler wrote:
> Hello,
> I had the same problem some time ago.
> I could get jwesocket to work either.
> But I then used autobahn:
> That worked great for me.
> I couldn't find out if the different client libraries do something wrong
> or tomcat but I was a bit disapointet, too.
> Perhaps that gets better when the draft is finished.
> Btw. for normal java I use asynch http with netty.
> Bye,
> Chris
> Am 02.06.2012 04:38, schrieb Ravi:
>> I am trying to build an android app that connects to tomcat web sockets.
>> I need a few java classes that can interact with tomcat websockets. I
>> have tried 3 different implementations
>> (strumsoft, jwebsockets and something else also) but neither one can
>> talk to tomcat correctly.
>> The issue seems to be protocol incompatibility between tomcat as
>> server and any existing java websockets client.
>> I even compiled jwebsockets swing based test client and that also
>> cannot talk to tomcat. Surprisingly all javascript based clients can
>> talk to tomcat, only java based cannot.
>> So having done all that research, I wonder if somebody can help me
>> identify java classes that will work with tomcat. Does tomcat have a
>> client jar I can use?
>> Help!
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