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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Application Remediation - Warren Restack
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 14:22:35 GMT
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On 6/5/12 4:13 AM, Mehta, Hardik Jayesh wrote:
> I am from Citi - Application Management Team. We are currently in 
> the process of migrating all our desktops from Vista to Win7. In 
> order to migrate these users to Windows 7 the application
> mentioned below may need remediation. In that regards I have few
> queries as mentioned below.
> Name of the Application :
>> Apache Tomcat v5.5.23

Odd that you have Tomcat running on desktops.

Tomcat is a Java-based web application server. Are you running some
web-based applications directly on client (desktop) machines? Or, are
you merely accessing a Tomcat-based web application from those desktop

> Is it supported on Citrix (64-bit) and Win 7 (64-bit compatible?)
> ?

The ASF doesn't offer any support aside from this (and other) mailing
list(s): everyone here is a volunteer. There are many companies that
will sell you a support contract for a variety of Apache-related
products (

Tomcat itself will run wherever a Java Virtual Machine will run. JVMs
are available for all currently-supported (by Mircosoft) win32
platforms and architectures. Sun/Oracle, IBM, and OpenJDK all have
JVMs available for those platforms.

> What is latest versions?

> Licensing (enterprise or per user? How is it entered for
> packaging?)

See above.

> When is next release coming out?

When it's ready.

> Is there any direct contact for technical issues?

Not unless you sign a contract with someone (not with the ASF).

> Freeware - is it supported by you? Is it approved for corporate
> use?

See above for support questions. The ASF provides no warranties.
Approval for corporate use needs to come from within ... your corporation.

> Is there any beta software ?

Sure: go download an old version that's marked "beta". Tomcat has
releases every few months. It is your responsibility to keep up with
releases and upgrade whenever you want. OR not.

> No for personal/non-commercial use only software.

If you say so.

There is a long-time mailing list member, Barry L. Propes, who appears
to also work for Citi. Perhaps you could contact him to help guide you
from here on out.

- -chris
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