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From Ravi <>
Subject getting frustrated with web sockets
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2012 02:38:50 GMT

I am trying to build an android app that connects to tomcat web sockets.

I need a few java classes that can interact with tomcat websockets. I 
have tried 3 different implementations
(strumsoft, jwebsockets and something else also) but neither one can 
talk to tomcat correctly.

The issue seems to be protocol incompatibility between tomcat as server 
and any existing java websockets client.

I even compiled jwebsockets swing based test client and that also cannot 
talk to tomcat. Surprisingly all javascript based clients can talk to 
tomcat, only java based cannot.

So having done all that research, I wonder if somebody can help me 
identify java classes that will work with tomcat. Does tomcat have a 
client jar I can use?


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