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From "Casper Wandahl Schmidt" <>
Subject RE: Removing Ref to YourKit in TC
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 07:32:22 GMT
-----Original Message-----
From: André Warnier [] 
Sent: 10. juni 2012 22:51
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Removing Ref to YourKit in TC

André Warnier wrote:
> Jerry Malcolm wrote:
>> Thanks, Kostantin, for the pointer.  The fix was trivial.  Open 
>> Regedit, search for the dll name which appeared in a Tomcat reg 
>> entry, delete the line in the reg key.
>> On Sun, Jun 10, 2012 at 1:17 PM, Jerry Malcolm
>> <>wrote:
>>> Andre, I'm not yelling.  I'm looking for help.  telling me to 
>>> compare every file in the entire installation after downloading and 
>>> setting up a parallel environment is not exactly the type of 
>>> information I hoped to get from people that know the internal 
>>> structure of the program.  As a last resort, I could have figured 
>>> out to do that myself.  Yes, I installed it.
>>> And I need help fixing it.  Apparently, this is a 
>>> figure-it-out-yourself forum.
> Well, as you noticed, it isn't.
> But we like people to make a little effort by themselves too.  It's 
> more didactic that way..
> You have been told where the problem was, twice.
> And told what to do, twice.
> The two answers even almost matched.
> And all that for an issue that wasn't even strictly Tomcat-related.
> Any further complaints about the service ?
> ;-)

And I should have added that you got all that within a couple of hours of
posting, and on a Sunday afternoon. I find this not bad, for a
figure-it-out-yourself forum.

Perhaps this question should never have been asked here, since it is not a
problem with tomcat but with the profiler not cleaning up after itself on
uninstall. You could have asked the developers of the profiler which
settings they add on install (and you should tell them to clean up properly
anyway so that the next guy doesn't need to do what you had to).

Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards

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