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From Jon Drukman <>
Subject Re: Connection timeout
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 20:16:09 GMT
Pid <pid <at>> writes:

> Not really.  Did you change the connectionTimeout downwards from the
> default 60 secs to 3 secs?

Yes.  Although the original version of the file was 20 seconds.

The clients (which I wrote) all have a 3 second connect timeout, so it seemed
to make sense to make the server work the same way.  Is that not right?

> > Is there any other place I can tune the system to have it accept more 
> > simultaneous clients, or have a deeper wait queue?
> Do you really want to queue up requests, rather than just accepting them
> and assigning them to threads?

Well, I assume at some point I may run out of threads.

 > You've increased the acceptCount from 100 to 500, whereas it would
> probably just be better to revert that change and increase maxThreads
> from 200 to 400* - if you've got the resources to spare.
> There should be entries in the log files stating that Tomcat has reached
> maxThreads if that's really an issue.

There are no entries in the log files that would indicate that is the case, yet
something is causing the timeout.

> You can also use the NIO connector if you want more more concurrency.

Explain please, or link?

> * 400 is a guess - I've got no idea how many clients you have.

Could be up to a few thousand.  This is a pretty massive box so it should
be able to handle it.  The app itself is fairly lightweight.


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