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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: two instances of Tomcat in same machine
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 09:50:33 GMT
Miguel Gonzalez wrote:
> Just wondering. With a 64 bits OS, how much RAM can you handle in a JVMand therefore
with each instance of Tomcat? 
> For a 12 Gb of RAM machine, it would be wise if you want to have this kind of setup (Apache
and two Tomcat instances in the same machine) if you need more than 400-500 concurrent users?

Nobody can answer that question in the absolute. It all depends on how much memory your 
Tomcat instances really need, to run the applications you put it them, for the number of 
requests you expect to be handled.  And won what else on that machine needs memory, and 
how much memory that machine has.

Tomcat can run in as little as 512KB (or less).  The other end is unlimited..

The benefit of a 64-bit OS compared to a 32-bit OS, is that you can allocate more memory 
*per process*. A drawback of running an application in 64-bit mode - compared to running 
the same in 32-bit mode - is that under 64-bit mode, some things will use up 64 bits 
instead of 32 bits.  So you roughly use about 30% more memory, to run the exact same 
application.  But that also depends very much on the application.

In other words : try it and see.

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