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From Kiran Badi <>
Subject Links not resolving to their correct path in TC 7.0.27
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 23:57:19 GMT

I have installed tomcat 7.0.27 on Windows Home premium 32 bit system 
with JDK 1.6.32. The tomcat is running successfully as service.I can 
access the home page of tomcat along with manager application.

I deployed my application war file via manager application.The war file 
was pulled from netbeans dist folder.

Now when I access my this application via IE,I do below steps,

1. I open this http://localhost:8082/xxx/index.jsp in IE. it works fine, 
In index page I have several links, for example testservice.jsp

2. so when I click on testservice link, it looks like 
http://localhost:8082/xxx/testservice.jsp in address bar and page opens 
fine in IE.No issues in IE.

Now the real problem comes when I try to repeat the steps in Firefox and 

Step 1 works fine,no issues everything works as expected and index page 
comes up,but when it comes to step 2, the address changes to

http://localhost:8080/xxx/testservice.jsp .

now I am not sure as why FF /Chrome are not sticking to the same ports 
as IE.

I have 8080 tied up with netbean and it has Tomcat 7.0.11 but its not 
running as service.

Also I have static custom error page 404 which resolves correctly in 
7.0.27 in all three browsers.

Can some one tell me what that I am missing now ?

PS: This is how I have links in index page,

<li><a href='testservice.jsp'>testservice</a></li>

and all jsp resides in web pages folder.I know this gives direct access 
to JSP and is bad practice,but thats the seperate task to do in my list.

- Kiran

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