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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Multiple tomcat Instances on Same Server and One Apache Instance
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 23:18:06 GMT
Apologies, I probably confused you too. See below.

Vickie Troy-McKoy wrote:

>>>>>> When I call abc*, it goes to instance1; and when I call xyz*, it
goes to instance2.  However, both instances have apps that start with "tsa".  How do I configure
the apache webserver to service the "tsa" app for both tomcat instances?
>>>>> configure a load balancer (worker) that uses the (other) two workers,
in addition to the
>>>>> two workers, and add it to the worker list.
>>>> I think that rather than be added to the workers list, the load-balancer
worker must be the only one in the list.  You then tell the balancer to balance the two other
>>> Then the two individual apps won't work, as they're not present on both servers.
>> Oh. I did not read the OP's requirements carefully enough.  Apologies, your instructions

>> were correct for the OP.
> --------------------------------------------------- 
> Thank you all for your suggestions.  I tried configuring a load balancer worker; however,
 I'm getting HTTP 500 messages--Internal Server Error.  I reviewed the reference page; however,
apparently, I'm missing something.  Also in the mod_jk.log, there's an error stating:   "Could
not find worker with name 'instance2' in uri map post processing".  Any ideas?  Thank you...
> On the apache server in httpd.conf, I changed the JKMount statements because I wanted
to access all content.
>  Listen 80
>  .
>  .
>  .
>  LoadModule jk_module modules/
>  #
>  JkWorkersFile conf/
>  JkMount /* instance1
>  JkMount /* instance2

That is probably not what you want (and the one contradicts the other).
You should probably have instead :

# forward "/abc*" requests to Tomcat "instance1" only
JkMount /abc instance1
JkMount /abc* instance1

# forward "/xyz*" requests to Tomcat "instance2" only
JkMount /xyz instance2
JkMount /xyz* instance2

# forward "/tsa*" requests to either Tomcat, as selected by the balancer worker
JkMount /tsa balance1
JkMount /tsa* balance1

Note: if you really want to forward everything to Tomcat, and it doesn't matter which 
Tomcat, and you want to let the balancer decide when to forward any request to either 
Tomcat-1 or Tomcat-2, then just use the single line :
JkMount /* balance1

>  In, added the load balancer information; it reflects the following:
You seem to be missing :


(as per Pid's earlier instructions, not as per my erroneous comment)

>  worker.balance1.type=lb
>  worker.balance1.balance_workers=instance1, instance2  <-- mod_jk may not like the
space after comma
>  #
>  worker.instance1.port=8009
>  worker.instance1.type=ajp13
>  #
>  worker.instance2.port=7009
>  worker.instance2.type=ajp13
> On the tomcat server (which is the same server), I added the jvmRoute setting in server.xml.
 For instance one, I added:
>      <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="localhost" jvmRoute="instance1">
> For instance two, I added:   <Engine name="Catalina" defaultHost="localhost" jvmRoute="instance2">

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