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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: How to start a continuous java application in tomcat
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 22:45:17 GMT
Rishad Ali wrote:
> Hi Hassan,
> I don't want to run mash them. I just want to run the java application.
> On the local server it is working fine but when I try it in the
> dedicated linux server it does not work.
> Thank you
you have not so far provided much information that would enable anyone to help you.
I do not have Pid's crystal ball and he does not grant licenses yet for the usage of 
InternetTelepathy[TM]. But I am either of a more charitable and forgiving nature than 
other people on this list, or else just more rabidly curious, so I will try to pry the 
information out of you.

As I understand it so far :
- you have created a stand-alone Java program, which works well and uses a database to 
store some information
- you also try to create a (separate) Tomcat webapp which should access the same database

information and display it to a user
- to make it easier to create that webapp, you have
     - packed together your stand-alone program's classes, in a jar-file
     - tried to install that jar-file somewhere along with your webapp, under Tomcat, so 
that your webapp would have access to those classes
- but for some reason, your webapp does not find the classes contained in that jar-file

and that is what you mean when you say "it does not work". (*)

Is that a good summary of your problem ?

If yes, then you should :
- let us know which version of Tomcat you are using, under which Java JVM version, on 
which OS platform
- find out what is the "catalina base" of your Tomcat (you can see all that by executing 
the "" or "version.bat" script that is in <tomcat_install_directory>/bin/).
and paste the output here.
- let us know where, relative to that catalina_base, your webapp is installed
- let us know where, relative to that cataline_base, you have installed that jar-file
- show us what appears in the Tomcat logs, which shows that your webapp "is not working" 
(*) (copy the relevant log lines here).

(You should provide this information anyway, even if my effort above is not a good 
description of your problem.  And also correct my summary then.)

Note # 1 : copy-and-paste the requested information inside your response. Do not send it 
as attachments, because this list strips most attachments.
Note # 2 : for even more sympathy from the list than what you got so far, do not 
"top-post".  Write your answers *below* the relevant questions, not all on top of your 
message. (Just so that questions and answers can be read logically and naturally, without

having to scroll up and down to understand what is relevant to what.)

(*) no popup dialog there yet. it does not work; my app doesn't work; its not working;
Nope, nothing.

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