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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: IE caching problem-
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 09:06:07 GMT
chris derham wrote:
>> never had this problem when i deployed to Solaris....I'll try again
>> tommorrow when i have a REAL Operating System to deploy my webapp
> So you have a web app, serving up web pages, that are being cached in a
> browser. The browser is not refreshing, for reasons unknown. You say that
> the clock was incorrect, but now I assume the problem is still occurring.
> Yet you think that moving the webapp to a "real os" will help?
> Browsers cache pages only if they are told to. 

That's not entirely accurate.  It's more like browsers (and proxies) are allowed to cache

response content for re-use, except when they are told otherwise.
Roughly.  The final truth is here :

Have you used some kind of
> technique to check the headers? Fiddler or live http headers? Why are the
> pages being cached?

That is the real question indeed.  And indeed it may have something to do with the HTTP 
response headers (Expires, ETag, etc..) and/or with non-compliant browsers and proxies, 
and/or browser settings.
So having a look at the HTTP headers would be a logical first step.

> Once you know that, perhaps you can resolve the issue. If I had a car that
> wouldn't start, I know nothing about cars but I'm reasonably confident that
> changing the garage won't help the issue that much
This thread started reasonably enough, which will certainly have surprised some, 
considering the OP's historical record on this list.
But I am afraid that it has now veered into matters of little relevance to Tomcat per se.

In any case, I am fairly sure that Tomcat does not single out IE 9 among browsers, to 
sneakily introduce HTTP headers that would cause it to misbehave.  Given IE's own 
historical record, I would rather think that the suspicion should be the other way around.

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