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From David kerber <>
Subject Webapp reading from .war rather than from exploded files
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 14:02:15 GMT
I have an app running in TC 5.5.25 on Windows Server 2008, which seems 
to be reading some text that I use for creating a page footer, from the 
unexploded .war file rather than from the file on disk.

My deployment procedure is that when I start TC, I let it explode the 
.war file, then I overwrite a single .txt file with a different one, 
which replaces the default information with a file customized for the 
specific installation.  It's just a 1-line (60 byte) file.  I deploy the 
.war file as both ROOT.war, and as a specific name.  Both work as 
expected except for this specific problem.

Most of the time it work, and in fact it was working last week.  This 
week, users who connect to the ROOT one (which is set as the default 
application) are seeing the default file, while the named one are seeing 
the customized information.  I have verified several times that the same 
.txt file is copied to both locations.

Is there something that would cause a ROOT webapp to read from its .war 
file even with the exploded files present?  unpackwars is set in both 
server.xml files, and the wars are unpacked on startup.


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