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From Miguel González Castaños <>
Subject Re: Tomcat pausing and no java process
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 18:25:52 GMT
> Just the -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError you already have. Tomcat
> usually doesn't shut down nicely (as evidenced by the "pausing" of
> connectors in your log file) when you get an OOME. Are you sure that
> weekly Tomcat-restart process isn't still running?
Yes, it's still running. Should i disable it?
>>> Are you using a database? Are you using pooled connections? If
>>> so, enable "abandoned" tracing if that's a possibility for you
>>> (Tomcat's two built-in choices of dbcp can do abandoned
>>> tracing).
>> Yes, a mysql database and pooled connections. How can I enable
>> that abandoned tracing?
> Check the documentation for DBCP (which Tomcat uses) here:
I have set logAbandoned=true. I haven't enabled the removeAbandoned and 
the removeAbandonedTimeout just in case. Will I get the info in the 
catalina log?

>> I enabled slow queries for mysql, but the developer claims the
>> queries are fine (although some report more than a second to be
>> run).
> Well, are you actually seeing slow queries in MySQL? It's not good
> enough to just enable logging... you have to read the log ;)
>> I can revert the GC strategy. the verbose options for GC are fine?
> Sure: that's just logging. You will have a miniscule performance
> degradation due to the logging, but I'm sure it's worth it to see what
> is happening.
>> I'll retake that path of checking mysql indexes and slow queries.
> Just use mysqldumpslow to be sure. Also, if you suspect a query, use
> EXPLAIN on it. Mysqldumpslow be default "anonymizes" queries so you
> can see a "class" of equivalent queries that are failing. MySQL
> determines its query plan based not just upon the structure of the
> query, but also upon the data and the indexes that are available at
> the time of the query. You might want to disable this anonymizing of
> the dat to get an /actual/ query that was slow. Then run EXPLAIN on
> that to see what the plan was: maybe MySQL is making a bad decision,
> or maybe you need an additional index. Or maybe the query is just
> written poorly in the first place. MySQL is notorious for using
> DEPENDENT SUBQUERIES (awful performance) when such a query is not
> necessary.
I'll check about the anonymizing thing.

Right now I get the following cronjob forwarded to my email

/usr/bin/mysqldumpslow -s -t /var/log/mysql-slow.log | mail -s ....

Yes, I have pinpointed several queries that took quite long and 
specially subqueries. I forwarded this info to the developer but she 
said it was alright. More than a second to run a query seems to be a lot 
to me. The problem is that since the database E/R is not documented, 
it's going to take a while to improve the performance of the queries. 
The developer is quitting so I hope a new developer is more cooperative 
and we can work out these things.

In the meantime I will check what I can do. I have also downloaded 
mysqltuner script and mysqlfragfinder a long time ago and follow the 
output of these tuning scripts.

>> That we have outgrown our hardware, that's probably for sure. This
>> a virtual private server. I have said the owners to move to a
>> dedicated server but I guess they want me to squeeze this VPS as
>> much as I can.
> Sheesh, if it's virtualized, just have them provision a larger
> instance for you and move the virtual machine. I'd recommend a 64-bit
> OS/JVM so you can get heaps bigger than about 1.5GiB.
:-) I'm trying to convince them.

Many thanks for your inputs, you have been very helpful


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