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From David Wall <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7 NIO Socket accept failed - Too many open files
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 20:47:53 GMT

On 5/2/2012 12:34 PM, Pid * wrote:
> It's an OS issue: google 'ulimit'.
> p

Yes, I am familiar with ulimit -Sn (it's 1024), but I suspect this could 
be a Tomcat issue somehow opening too many files and/or not releasing 
them.  I had never seen this issue before we upgraded from Tomcat 5.5 
(all using BIO) to Tomcat 7.0 (all using NIO).  We run on lots of 
servers, and none have shown this error before (and they are all Linux 
servers all set to 1024 for open files).  But we will give it a try by 
setting to a higher number.

The reason we suspect it's Tomcat is that we're getting other 
exceptions, too, those that indicate our session/request objects are not 
valid when our JSPs are running (and of course work fine when the loads 
are normal, but start to fail when we push lots of concurrent requests 
at Tomcat).


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