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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Running Swing app under Tomcat 6 on Linux
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 21:03:19 GMT
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On 5/1/12 12:44 PM, wrote:
> jhat displays the raw data but the object browser allows the 
> developer to view the data in a structured format.  At the risk of 
> using another lousy analogy, the application data is formated in a 
> sort of high-functioning, hierarchical DOM.  The browser lets the 
> developer peruse (or, uh, browse) the data in this hierarchical 
> format in real-time.  It's sort of like the DOM viewer in Firebug 
> (but better! of course).  The first time developers see their data 
> displayed by the browser there is almost always ooh-ing and
> ahh-ing.

Yeah, I guess jhat was a bad example. I just meant that jhat doesn't
include its own client... you provide your own (web browser).

If your data is hierarchical, it sounds like it would be natural to
express it in XML. It's fairly easy to write an XSL stylesheet that can
convert that into something that can expand/collapse with clicks, etc.

> I agree that some sort of remoting is the best solution.  That
> just takes time and I was hoping for a quick solution.  Woe is
> life. ;)
> If you want to continue this further feel free to contact me 
> directly.  I'm always open to informed opinions.  For the long run 
> I'm looking at

I wouldn't recommend JSON for large amounts of data, especially when
it's structured and nested in the way you have described. On the other
hand, XML is typically very verbose.

Good luck,
- -chris
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