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From Hermes Flying <>
Subject After going to Tomcat 6 I get log4j problems. Why? (RE:)
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 20:40:02 GMT
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Concerning the questions posed by Konstantin Kolinko:
>>You do not say what jars are exactly where and what actual
>>configuration (server.xml and logging) you have.
I am not sure I follow: you mean the version? I have log4j in the WEB-INF\xml, and commons-logging
and commons-logging-api as well
No problem up to Tomcat 5.5. Does this answer your question?

>>Placing custom jars into %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib is usually a bad idea.
The custom jar provides an SSLImplementation to be "hooked" in the connectors. When it tries
to log I get exception. No problem in Tomcat 5.5.
This exception goes away if I move commons-logging in %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib BUT then I have exceptions
in my web application (even if I delete the commons-logging from WEB-INF\lib)

Has something changed in the logging in Tomcat 6?
How can I resolve this problems?

Thank you!

I'd suspect that one of them is the culprit.
2012/5/25 Hermes Flying <>:
> Hi,
> I have upgraded from Tomcat 5.5 to Tomcat 6.0.35
> I am getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory
> I didn't have this problem before.
> Note that I have commons-logging already in my web apps WEB-INF\lib
> And this exception is from a class (custom class) running from a jar in %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib
> If I drop commons-logging in %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib the exception does not happen BUT now
I get exceptions in log4j from inside my web app.
> I tried also deleting the commons-logging from %TOMCAT_HOME%\webapps\myApp\WEB-INF\lib
but no success.
> Any idea what is the problem here?

Your description is too generic to say.

You do not say what jars are exactly where and what actual
configuration (server.xml and logging) you have.

1) "Class Loading" page in documentation.

Placing custom jars into %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib is usually a bad idea.

I'd suspect that one of them is the culprit.

2) "Logging" page in documentation.

Compare it with your configuration.  It might be that you config
matches some of the steps for "enabling log4j" described there, but
not all of them. Note that using log4j in Tomcat is not the default

3) Apache Commons Logging documentation

Especially how commons-logging switches between java.util.logging and
log4j (preferring the latter if it is available).

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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