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From Miguel Gonzalez <>
Subject Re: tomcat pausing and process killed
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 15:29:25 GMT

 an attacker is trying a series of URLs in a row, and finally they 
manage one that finds a weakness in your very very old Tomcat.

>> I really don't know what to enable to get to know what is causing Tomcat to crash
>Enabling the AccessLog Valve may enable you to see the bad request URLs.
 they do not show up in the Access log (unlikely, since Tomcat 
apparently continues to run), you may want to set up an Apache httpd 
front-end to your Tomcat, and log the accesses there.

>Searching Google for "tomcat isHexDigit attack" provides some links you might want to
look at.

I will check it, however I don't see in the access logs something relevant. Any string I can
check or status code?


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