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From Konstantin Preißer <>
Subject Tomcat SPDY Connector
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 00:04:14 GMT

I'm currently experimenting with developing a .Net SPDY Client / IIS SPDY Redirector (written
in C#) that could be used as a possible replacement over AJP, to forward HTTP requests from
IIS to Tomcat (some time ago I mentioned that I might look into writing such a client when
I had some spare time [1] - which is the case now ;) ).
It is based on Draft3 of the SPDY specification [2], which names the protocol "spdy/3".

Currently I'm testing the client with Google servers which support both "spdy/2" and "spdy/3".
I'd also like to test it with Tomcat. I don't know much about Tomcat's code/architecture,
but from looking at the SPDY code from Tomcat trunk [3], it seems that Tomcat is currently
only supporting spdy/2, but not spdy/3. Is this correct?

If yes, are there already plans to implement spdy/3? (The main difference between SPDY v2
and v3 is the addition of flow control, which I think is important when using SPDY as server-to-server
protocol, to prevent flooding the intermediate server with messages if it has a slow connection
to the actual client.)


Konstantin Preißer


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