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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: catalina.out file is growing very rapidly! How to prevent Hibernate's INFO and DEBUG statements from getting added to catalina.out file?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 21:42:48 GMT
2012/4/23 Dilip Shah <>:
> ok, the issue is resolved!
> Konstantin,
> Your observation that output in catalina.out in Linux Live environment is
> different from console output in my Windows development environment
> and
> your statement "You have some mess in your common/lib"
> prompted me to compare jar files in both the environments.
> Just to check, I replaced entire content of common/lib on the Live server
> with the content from Development environment and voila... it worked! No
> more unwanted INFO and DEBUG statements in catalina.out! Thanks you very
> very much!
> I spent some more time to find out who the culprit was. I had the following
> files from Xuggler (video manipulation library)  build I had done on the
> CentOS server a couple of years ago in the Live server's common/lib folder:
> * slf4j-api.jar
> * logback-classic.jar
> * logback-core.jar
> Even though I had these these jar files for the last couple of years, I
> didn't encounter any issues but it looks like the last changes to my
> application 'triggered' these new INFO and DEBUG statements in catalina.out.
> I suspect that Spring's @Autowired, @JsonIgnore  starts adding this INFO and
> DEBUG statements when you have this particular version of slf4j-api.jar and
> the other 2 jar files mentioned above.
> It's still a bit mysterious to me but I'm going to spent my time and effort
> on moving application related jar files out of Tomcat's common/lib to the
> application's WEB-INF/lib and then on upgrading to Tomcat 7
> I really appreciate all the help I got in helping me solve this issue. I
> haven't seen this level of participation and received this level of support
> in any other forums I have interacted with over the last 3-4 years!

(As I mentioned previously) SLF4J is yet another logging framework
that you have in your configuration. It is a competitor of Apache
Commons Logging, a facade for log4j or other logging framework.

It is explained on their site about that "Class path contains multiple
SLF4J bindings." warning that when several conflicting implementations
for slf4j are available, the first found wins.

The first one mentioned is logback-classic.jar

Logback is yet another logging framework, at the level of log4j.
You have no configuration file for it, so apparently what you get is
its default configuration.
(Just from code it seems that their root Logger has level of DEBUG by default).

Maybe you started to use classes that depend on slf4j and thus the
library had to initialize itself.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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