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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: catalina.out file is growing very rapidly! How to prevent Hibernate's INFO and DEBUG statements from getting added to catalina.out file?
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2012 22:21:00 GMT
2012/4/20 Dilip Shah <>:
> Hi Konstantin,
> Thanks for the reply!
> To answer your questions...
> * Tomcat version info:
> Server version: Apache Tomcat/5.5.28
> Server built:   Jul 24 2009 01:33:09
> Server number:
> OS Name:        Linux
> OS Version:     2.6.18-53.el5
> Architecture:   i386
> JVM Version:    1.6.0_23-ea-b01
> * Since I'm configuring the application's logging via, I
> can safely assume that logging is done via Log4j and not JULI, right?
> Your statement about log formatting also seems to suggest the same. Let me
> know if I interpreted your statement incorrectly.

The problem is that something configured logging for you  (e.g. by
providing its own copy of configuration file).

One example of such bad library is mentioned here:

IIRC Log4j supports 2 configuration file names: and
log4j.xml. See Log4J documentation for details.

Search whether some of jars that you added has such a file. If they
are in commons/lib it means that Tomcat sees them.

> * The changes I made to the application:
> - I implemented Spring view controller (for the first time) and in the
> process added @Autowired, @JsonIgnore through the code
> - in the process of getting jSON output to the client, I added the following
> jar files to common/lib

Adding them to common/lib is a bad idea (a way to jar hell).

You'd better put them into your app's WEB-INF/lib.

> aspectjtools-1.5.4.jar
> bval-core-0.3-incubating.jar
> hibernate-validator-4.1.0.Final.jar
> jackson-core-asl-1.6.4.jar
> jackson-mapper-asl-1.6.4.jar
> joda-time-1.6.2.jar
> joda-time-jsptags-1.0.2.jar
> jstl-1.2.jar
> validation-api-1.0.0.GA.jar
> I suspect packages in one or more of these jar files is generating these
> INFO and DEBUG log entries in catalina.out
> * The application's file is in the application's
> WEB-INF/classes folder

What is in your configuration file?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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