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From "Dilip Shah" <>
Subject Re: catalina.out file is growing very rapidly! How to prevent Hibernate's INFO and DEBUG statements from getting added to catalina.out file?
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 20:26:22 GMT
Konstantin and Chris,

Very much appreciate your observations and suggestions. To start with, I'm 
going to streamline the jar files in common/lib and WEB-INF/lib. If that 
still doesn't help, I'll bite the bullet and upgrade to Tomcat 7. Any 
suggested reading on delta between 5.5 and 7.x, steps to follow, what to 
look for / be careful of when upgrading from Tomcat 5.5 to 7?

I'll come back with my discoveries as I implement your suggestions.



From: "Christopher Schultz" <>
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 12:47 PM
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Subject: Re: catalina.out file is growing very rapidly! How to prevent 
Hibernate's INFO and DEBUG statements from getting added to catalina.out 

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> Dilip,
> On 4/20/12 12:43 PM, Dilip Shah wrote:
>> The following provides clarifications / details on the environments
>> in which the application is developed and then hosted: (quite a bit
>> of detail but I'm hoping this will help get to the root of the
>> issue)
>> Develop environment: ================= * Windows XP SP3
> You should upgrade, eventually. IIRC, Microsoft just extended support
> for WinXP (again) but it's quite long in the tooth.
>> * Tomcat version information: C:\apache-tomcat-5.5.25\bin>version
>> Server version: Apache Tomcat/5.5.25
> Same here. 5.5.x will reach end-of-life in September 2012. It's time
> to start testing your applications with a new version of Tomcat. I
> recommend skipping all the way up to 7.0.x.
>> * There is a file in
>> CATALINA_HOME\common\classes\ (attached as
> This will confuse things.
>> * There is a file in the application's
>> WEB-INF\classes\ (attached as
> This is where this file belongs.
>> * jar files in the application's WEB-INF\lib folder: Directory of
>> C:\apache-tomcat-5.5.25\webapps\SmartCloudLearningMobi\WEB-INF\lib
>> 09/11/2009  05:35 PM            60,841 commons-logging-1.1.1.jar
>> 05/19/2009  01:51 PM           391,834 log4j-1.2.15.jar
> This is where log4j.jar belongs. Are you also using commons-logging in
> your own webapp -- or does some component require it? If not, remove
> it because it will just cause confusion. (Note that many Apache
> libraries do require commons-logging).
>> * log4j-1.2.15.jar is also in CATALINA_HOME\common\lib\
> This will confuse things.
> If all is as it should be, the libraries in common/lib and the
> file in common/classes should both be ignored if you
> are initializing log4j from within your own webapp (are you? or is
> some other component initializing it?): the ClassLoader should be
> loading resources from WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib before it tries
> to load from common/*.
> If you are using a library stored in common/lib or a class in
> common/classes that is initializing log4j, then you may be getting
> both the common library and the common configuration loaded, depending
> on exactly how the initialization is done.
> Would it be possible to remove everything from common/*? It seemed
> like a good idea at the time, but common/* turns out to be a really
> bad idea for a number of reasons.
>> *** The problem I'm trying to solve does not exist in the
>> development environment!!! ***
> Obviously, there is some difference. What are those differences?
>> - note that here also, I have the Spring and Hibernate related jar
>> files that I suspect are adding these INFO and DEBUG entries in
>> CATALINA_HOME\common\lib\
> Stop doing that. If you use Hibernate directly in your app (or Spring
> does it for you, which is more likely) then these libraries ought to
> be in WEB-INF/lib.
>> Question: * where are the other files such as
>> admin.2012-04-20.log, catalina.2012-04-20.log, etc configured?
> If you are using JULI, then they should be configured in
> Read the "Logging" section of the User's Guide for
> details. Note that this is "server" logging and not application logging.
>> Question: * who could be responsible for creating and configuring
>> catalina.out file on the Linux sever? Where do I look?
> As Konstantin says under separate cover, catalina.out is redirected
> stdout. The only place that filename should appear is in bin/
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