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From "Williams, Nick" <>
Subject RE: Ant Tasks Question
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 20:53:43 GMT
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On 4/2/12 5:43 PM, Nick Williams wrote:
> As for the ant-i-fication of the JspC compiler, I, too get the
> impression that it was rather an afterthought. However, it is not
> necessary or even that common for tasks to be called *Task, as
> Konstantin pointed out. Most of them /aren't/ named *Task.

I was mostly gathering corroborating evidence to suggest that JspC being an Ant task was not
its original intent: it's mostly geared towards being a CLI tool and has some support for
Ant slapped-onto it.
I'm not sure why Konstantin got so agitated about my comments about the class name: it's obviously
the least significant part of my argument.

> I'm aware that I can translate and compile as separate tasks, but
> that's not what I was looking for. I actually DO want to translate and
> compile with the same task, because I want the Eclipse compiler
> shipped with Tomcat to be used for compiling the JSPs.

Well, you can already do that from within JspC (though the CLI doesn't actually use it) by
setting "compiler" to either "org.apache.jasper.compiler.JDTCompiler" or "org.apache.jasper.compiler.AntCompiler"
(or really anything that implements org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler). The default is to
use the JDTCompiler when the translate and compile steps are performed together. I have no
idea how to invoke the JDT compiler from the command-line given just the .jar file that contains
it: I suspect you'd be able to poke-around and figure out how to do that as a separate Ant
task, which might give you more flexibility.

> But your comment helps me out in expressing my desire: I feel like it
> should be able to fork and use whatever JVM I specify for executing
> the JspC task, whether I'm using JspC for translation and compilation
> or just translation.

Fair enough. Just because I'm curious: why do you care which JVM is being used for the translation

> I agree that fork support should be expected of a nice player in the
> Ant ecosystem.

I'll have to read the code for some of the built-in Ant tasks to see how that's traditionally
done. It might make sense for the Jasper and task to become a separate class from JspC, even
if it heavily utilizes JspC itself.
Ideally, JspC would be "merely" the CLI wrapper around a Compiler and a separate class would
handle the Ant-related stuff. I would even buy a common superclass for the two, but it's often
tough to tell what is there to support Ant and what isn't.

> Maybe what we really need, instead of attempting to retrofit JspC to
> be more Task-y, is add a new Task to o.a.catalina.ant (JasperTask?
> JspCompileTask?) and trying to follow some better practices with the
> new practice. What are the community thoughts on this? I can see both
> upsides and downsides to doing this.

Heh. I should have read this first. I obviously agree.

> I'll file enhancement requests in Bugzilla later today or tomorrow for
> the namespace and forking issues.

I'll look for those.

- -chris
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I have filed issues 53031 and 53032 to go along with 53011 and 53012 that I filed earlier.
I look forward to working on them.

I don't really care what JVM is being used for the translation phase. The reason I care what
JVM is being used for the /compilation/ phase is that our build machine has multiple JVMs
(Java 6 32-bit, Java 7 32-bit, Java 6 64-bit, Java 7 64-bit). Our Ant script should be run
only using the Java 7 64-bit JVM. However, everything else in the build script (java, javac,
junit, etc.) is configured to explicitly use the Java 7 JVM, so that if anyone ever messed
up the build agent and switched it to using Java 6 to run Ant, everything would still compile
under Java 7. Except that, in this case, the Jasper task would suddenly be running under Java

This isn't even a big issue for us, because if somebody messes up the build configuration,
that just needs to be fixed. I understand that I can separate the translation phase from the
compilation phase. But I want the compilation phase to use the Eclipse compiler, just like
if it was running under Tomcat, and javac can't be configured to use the Eclipse compiler
(that I know of).
Like I said, it's not even a big deal for us, but it seems like, in the spirit of being like
java and javac and junit and other language-dependent tasks, it should support providing and
alternative JVM (and thus forking).
This will likely be encompassed by the changes necessary for issue 53031 (the forking issue).

Unless you have any objections, I'm going to move further discussions about 53011, 53012,
53031 and 53032 to the developer's list ("Improving Ant Task for JSP Compilation"), to keep
from polluting the users list with too much specification information.


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