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From Dave Shevett <>
Subject Re: "High Level" question. Managing dynamic vhost deployments...
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2012 13:46:12 GMT
On 4/27/12 4:27 AM, André Warnier wrote:
> It seems that you have already most of the parts done, and are just
> missing the "persistent" part of the <Host> entries in server.xml.
> It would seem like a fairly easy task, with a bit of scripting, to have
> a template server.xml with some kind of an "include" tag (à la <!-- here
> come the Hosts -->), and whenever you create a new Host dynamically,
> adding it to some table, and rewriting the server.xml with the
> appropriate <Host> entries inserted in the template.
> This way, whenever you restart Tomcat, it would "remember" these Hosts.
> The script to re-create the server.xml could be inserted in your Tomcat
> startup mechanism.

Yeah, this seems sort of like a double-approach.  I'd need to get Tomcat 
to enable the vhosts, and also have something that would 'dump' that 
information to server.xml.

I think the better approach is what Chuck pointed me to - the 
host-manager application seems to allow dynamic vhost generation in the 
running environment, what it needs is a hook to 'regen' the server.xml 
(or dump the XML for the <Host> entries for easy inclusion back into the 

So one last question before I start tearing into host-manager - what I'm 
guessing it's doing is using JMX calls to tomcat-core (Note, I've done 
zilcho work with Tomcat internals yet, so sorry if this is way off) and 
dynamically creating / updating vhosts.  If that's the case, it should 
be pretty easy to modify it to dump the XML, or write a command line 
tool that does the same thing.

Is this sane?  :)



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