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From Chris Patterson <>
Subject Re: JasperException: The value for the useBean class ___ attribute is invalid
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 23:36:17 GMT
Dear Konstantin, thanks for asking, I will try to answer your questions

My experience level is relative, idea is to spend less time sharing your 
I have installed Tomcat servers for many years mostly on Unix/Linux,
and allready have a CentOS 5.6 with Tomcat 6.x (default) on  a local server.

I could deploy my "Dynamic Web Application" (eclipse language) named 
Test-03 from a
WAR format and it worked for both cases. _So it should not be the "code"._
Of course it is not a Web App, its only a Test.

Differences are:
Local host has Tomcat 6.x, VPS server has Tomcat 5.3.35
Local host has Java 1.6.0_22 / OpenJDK 64-Bit, VPS server has Java 
1.6.0_29 / Java Hotspot 64-Bit

I checked following files having basically the same default configuration:
server.xml, web.xml, context.xml

When deployed on the /local server/ using the Tomcat Manager
I see the following directories:


Under ROOT is working the Test with URLs:

Also work fine under Test-03

The class files are respectively under ROOT/WEB-INF/classes and 
I just copied all content undet Test-03 to the ROOT folder and reloaded 
(using the Manager)

The same excersise on the VPS running CPanel for a domain like
does only work for
When trying it only works until trying,
then i get the error 500: JasperException: The value for the useBean 
class ___ attribute is invalid

Log file shows no more details about the issue.

As "main directory" I mean the docBase referenced in the server.xml file.
I have read the Servlet Specificacion (2.4) and did several changes to the
configuration files with no success.

Does someone here have any idea where to check some configuration ?

El 18/04/2012 12:08 p.m., Konstantin Kolinko escribió:
> 2012/4/18 Chris Patterson<>:
>> More on this, now I think it is some configuration issue for the tomcat
>> server:
>> I am using eclipse to check both JSP files, and they work without any
>> problems
>> in my PC. When deploying to Tomcat 5.5.35 to a sub-directory like de project
>> name
>> they also work fine. For example at and
>> If I copy them to the main directory with a shell command:
>> cp -pr * .. from the Test1 directory and undeploy the Test1 application
>> then only works and but the second one,
>> gives me the same (500) error:
>> /prg2.jsp(26,0) The value for the useBean class attribute
>> jdbcbean.Stringbean is invalid.
>> Is this like a BUG ? Or perhaps something about the Java version ?
>> I have the following version running on a CentOS release 5.8:
>> java version "1.6.0_29"
>> Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_29-b11)
>> Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.4-b02, mixed mode)
>> Hope this info help a little more to find a solution.
> What is your experience level?
> Do you know what a "web application" is?
> Have you read The Servlet specification, Documentation, etc.?
> Do you know where your classes must be put in a Web application?
> Your "main directory" terminology does not make sense.
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Kolinko
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