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From "ron.vandenbranden@home" <>
Subject Re: adding a global URI prefix for Tomcat web apps
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 20:12:47 GMT
Hi Pid,

Thanks for your suggestion.

On 17/04/2012 21:16, Pid wrote:
>  From the docs:
>   ProxyPass        /mirror/foo/
>   ProxyPassReverse /mirror/foo/
> ProxyPassReverse is designed to be used to address the situation you
> describe, you just appear to be using it incorrectly.

I think your ProxyPassReverse setting only works with ProxyPreserveHost 
switched off: in that case, the my_app Tomcat app, when proxied via 
http://mydomain/apps/my_app/ will 'see' (and generate) links like 
http://localhost:8082/my_app/. This will only work if Tomcat is running 
on a public port; not when it is hidden behind a firewall.

That's why I arrived at using ProxyPreserveHost. In order to make this 
work, the ProxyPassReverse setting must refer to the public URL (see 
advice at 
Following settings do work, mostly:

On 17/04/2012 13:25, ron.vandenbranden@home wrote:

>    ProxyPreserveHost    on
>    ProxyPass            /apps/    http://localhost:8082/
>    ProxyPassReverse    /apps/    http://mydomain/

Yet, here too, all the my_app Tomcat app sees from the request is 
http://mydomain/my_app/, since the '/app/' part has been filtered out 
after the proxy handling. Consequently, those links won't work. That's 
why I tried if I could add '/app/' as a global path prefix to Tomcat apps.

Kind regards,


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