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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Multipart over ajp btwn apache-tomcat fails sometimes...
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:40:45 GMT
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On 4/13/12 5:16 AM, Svante Kumlien wrote:
> I have an Apache acting as reverse proxy for a Tomcat over ajp.

Standard stupid question: are you sure you need Apache httpd in the mix?

> (Gaahhh, the stack trace is swallowed, I only have the message
> string! The exception is thrown from  FileUploadBase.parseRequest
> :-( )

Is there any way to get the full stack trace? Can you re-deploy with
some modified code to get it?

> I attach two pcap-files with a ok-case and a fail-case.

The mailing list has stripped your attachments. Try to copy/paste text
into a re-post or post a link to your file(s) instead.

> The difference I can see is that in the fail-case tomcat starts to
> send the response before the first Body chunk is sent by Apache.

Can you sniff the traffic between httpd and Tomcat?

Do you have large headers or anything like that? The AJP message could
be rejected because the headers don't fit into a single AJP packet --
but that shouldn't trigger a failure in FileUploadBase.

Is there HTTPS in the mix anywhere? Client certs can make the headers

> If we switch the proxyPass to use http everything works 100% of the
> time (which makes me think I have a misconfig AJP connector
> somewhere...).

Can you post the rest of your AJP configuration? For instance, what
does your <Connector> look like on the Tomcat side?

- -chris
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