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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problems uploading huge files >2GB to Tomcat app.
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:08:18 GMT
Just a note in the text below.

Nick Porter wrote:

> 1. Tomcat 6 does not handle file upload by itself (if you are using Content-Type="multipart/form-data").
It can only provide
> request.getInputStream() and something else has to consume it.
> Usually that will be Apache Commons Fileupload library, but you will have to check what
OpenMS uses.
> [NP] I'm pretty sure OpenCMS is handling it. I don't have Apache installed in my test
rig and can upload smaller files.
"Apache Commons Fileupload" is an add-on java library for Apache Tomcat (or other java 
servlet engines), and has nothing to do with Apache httpd.
It may be used by openCMS to realise their file upload functionality.

That is why Konstantin was mentioning it.  There may be a parameter to set, in order for 
FileUpload to allow more than 2 GB.
See here :

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