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From "Terence M. Bandoian" <>
Subject Re: Discrepancy between Tomcat's connection pool and tomcat's report on memory leaks
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 05:05:08 GMT
  On 1:59 PM, Terence M. Bandoian wrote:
>  On 1:59 PM, Pid wrote:
>> If you define the DataSource in GlobalNamingResources the pool will be
>> started and stopped with the Tomcat lifecycle.
>> Applications have their own lifecycle inside Tomcat, they are started
>> after Tomcat (obviously) and stopped before Tomcat stops (also 
>> obviously).
>> This is why the pool will not stop before your application, unless you
>> do something manual to change that.
>> If an application causes a thread to come into existence and allowing it
>> to have the WebappClassLoader as its context classloader value, but does
>> not shut it down, Tomcat complains.
> This is similar to the problem with JDBC 4.0 drivers.  The API docs 
> state:
> "Existing programs which currently load JDBC drivers using 
> Class.forName() will continue to work without modification."
> However, if you continue reading and read closely, it becomes apparent 
> that drivers are automatically registered with DriverManager when a 
> database connection is created.  In essence, a reference to a driver 
> is implicitly created and it is the responsibility of the application 
> to remove the reference.  This doesn't seem like good design to me but 
> no fault to Tomcat.
> -Terence Bandoian

Correction.  Drivers automatically register themselves with 
DriverManager when the driver class is loaded.

-Terence Bandoian

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