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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: 500 HTTP-status forwarding broken (JSP rendering + Exception occurence)
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 19:52:31 GMT
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On 4/5/12 2:47 PM, manuel aldana wrote:
> Inside JSP we have a backing model, which contains the dynamic data
> to be displayed inside JSP. Itself the model is held quite simple,
> but due to programming errors it can happen, that null-references
> occur. This is very rare, but we need to be notified somehow (due
> to explicit ERROR logging). The log to catalina.log isn't
> sufficient for our log setup (we use graylog2-server).
> With bug@tomcat I meant that it error.jsp forwarding is not
> consistent between an exception at the "very start" of JSP
> rendering (e.g. syntax error) vs. error later during rendering. But
> I agree there is no way to "revert" status codes and content once
> bytes are sent to http-consumer.

Right.... this can't possibly be attributed to a bug in Tomcat.
Instead, one might say that this is simply a fact of life for
streaming data applications. Your only recourse is bigger buffers.

> What I will do create an interceptor which checks for the
> combination of 200 status-code and exception.

I'm not sure how you would scan for that, other than a filter that
simply records all exceptions that are thrown (which is easy to do).

- -chris
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