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From Ofer Israeli <>
Subject RE: Bug in Tomcat AJP Connector?
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2012 16:32:45 GMT

2012/4/6 Konstantin Kolinko <>:
> 2012/4/6 Ofer Israeli <>:
> > Hi Konstantin,
> >
> > I agree regarding the OOM bringing TC to a state where it must be
> restored, but my point remains: if there is code that handles catching this
> exception and terminating the thread, why not terminate gracefully by
> closing the listening socket before killing the thread?
> >
> 1. In theory one can configure several acceptor threads. Though it is not
> recommended.
> So one has to check the count before closing the socket.

This sounds like the reason for not closing the socket.  Is this a TC configuration?
> 2. The socket will be closed when Tomcat shuts down.
> Just closing the socket - what will it improve?
> Anyway you will need to shutdown this Tomcat instance before you can start
> the second one, because you'll need to free the shutdown port etc.

The point is to do proper cleanup when terminating a thread.  One good reason for this is
the strange situation the system is left in where you can see that the Tomcat process is listening
on port 8009 via netstat, yet it actually isn't listening on that port as the acceptor thread
has died.  This makes it very difficult to troubleshoot as the system is showing "false" information.

> > if there is code that handles catching this exception and terminating
> > the thread
> 3. There is no such special code. The thread terminates by itself, because its
> run() throws an exception and thus finishes execution.
> There is ThreadGroup.uncaughtException() method in JRE which by default
> prints the exception to stdout.

I see specific Tomcat code that catches Throwable, prints out this exception and then terminates
the thread in ThreadPool:
                                ("threadpool.thread_error", t, toRun.toString()));
By the way, this is not relevant only for OOME, but also for any other exception that was
not handled and reached this code.

> If you consider to propose a patch - feel free to file an enhancement request
> in Bugzilla and attach it.

In accordance with your comments on the above, I'll file a patch if it looks in place.


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