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From Léa Massiot <>
Subject Re: Tomcat6 - Context - aliases
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 10:12:26 GMT
@André Warnier: Thank you for your detailed answer.

As of your objections:

1) We don't agree with each other. I *DO* care about what URLs look like: 
a) in general, b) for some reasons related to the user's speaking language,
c) for search engines, d) ... 
The URL of a link can be seen in many circumstances and is used in various
ways both by humans and bots.

2) I want the resources (files and other things like databases) to be stored
outside the servlets container and more precisely on another partition,
especially if data get erased when the context which contains them is

André Warnier wrote
>  Do you know that when a Context is undeployed by Tomcat, all its files
> are deleted ?
This is certainly not what I want. I would expect Tomcat to provide a
mechanism for it not to happen. (See my questions at the end of this post).

André Warnier wrote
> with your method consisting of creating a new context on-the-fly
Am I? I put "an_alias_1.xml" in "/etc/tomcat6/Catalina/localhost/" once and
only once (never touch it again afterwards).

André Warnier wrote
> But this is a logical consequence of building a context "from scratch",
> outside of you "/w" context, and having Tomcat serve it, without any kind
> of security protecting that location. 
It's not exactly my full responsibility. I'm looking for a solution,
remember. I'm not especially keen on that solution.

André Warnier wrote
> An "undeploy" of a Context does not generally happen by itself
What is the probability of such an event occurring? If it's like a "rm -R"
on the directory, I'll forget about it.

So, given your thoughtful observations, here are my questions:
1) Can you tell me how to test a context undeployment in command line (not
via Tomcat Manager please)?
2) Is there any way, I can prevent a context to be undeployed ever (like
setting a specific option in a configuration file, in "an_alias_1.xml" for
3) Is there any good example illustrating how to do a cross context
authentication you can point me to?

Thank you for helping and best regards.

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