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From Miguel González Castaños <>
Subject determining cause of MaxThreads exhausted
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2012 08:08:23 GMT
Dear all,

   A server that I manage has a Struts webapp with a Tomcat 5.5.x 
standalone server. No JMX or whatsoever has been configured.

   The app sends massive emails to users with some info that requires 
users to log on the webapp and fill in some forms. It seems (without any 
logs or metrics) that people tend to fill the forms right away after 
they got the emails and together with the mailing process (that requires 
DB use to get email addresses) is exhausting the maxthreads connections 
(300 as of yesterday which I have increased to 400).

   I assume it's not going to be easy to determine what is the cause of 
the issue but which tools can I use?

   I guess I need to log in some way how the server is behaving. Maybe 
enabling JMX or Javamelody? Any way of getting where the webapp is 
hanged or where in the code of the webapp is hanging?

   And which tool can help me to simulate the load of so many people 
connecting to the webapp remotely?



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