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From Christopher Gross <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Logging Jarhell
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:04:44 GMT
After reverting -- all but one of my logs are working correctly.  Each
web app has a log4j jar and the commons logging jars in its
WEB-INF/lib, and a in the WEB-INF/class.  I didn't
change that file at all.

Any ideas as to why the one set of log files aren't being written to?

-- Chris

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Christopher Gross <> wrote:
> That section just gives some basic info, but nothing that tries to
> help with what I'm doing.  I'm well aware what the directories are
> for.
> There are a lot of libraries that my apps have in common, and because
> of the nature of the project, I need to try to conserve space.  By
> moving jars to a shared spot, I can trim off a decent amount of space.
> The individual app's code gets updated, but we rarely update the
> supporting jars, unless it is absolutely needed.   It doesn't matter
> anyways, we can always drop a newer version of a supporting jar in the
> web app's WEB-INF/lib and it will be used before the others in
> common/lib or shared/lib get loaded.  That's what the documentation
> says, anyway.
> 5.5.25 is our standard deployment.  We haven't moved up, and perhaps
> later I'll do that.  However, this same problem would arise,
> regardless of the version, and I was just trying to provide enough
> about my situation so that I could find appropriate assistance.
> While I can appreciate some constructive criticism, I'd rather have
> answers to my questions, as opposed to questions about my design.
> -- Chris
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 4:17 PM, Konstantin Kolinko
> <> wrote:
>> 2012/3/13 Christopher Gross <>:
>>> Hi all.
>>>  I'm trying to utilize the common/lib and shared/lib directories on
>>> Tomcat 5.5.25.  I have a few separate apps that were each using many
>>> of the same JAR files, so I have been moving them down to shared &
>>> common lib (DB stuff went to common/lib, the apache commons modules &
>>> others went to the shared/lib).  I was doing testing as I went along
>>> -- but I never went to look at the logfiles for my webapps.  I'm now
>>> noticing that they aren't getting anything anymore.  I haven't changed
>>> anything aside from moving the JARs around.  I'm using the Apache
>>> Log4j Logger in my classes.
>>>  I have:
>>> shared/lib:
>>> commons-logging-1.0.4.jar
>>> commons-logging-api.jar
>>> commons-logging.jar
>>> common/lib:
>>> apache-log4j-extras-1.0.jar
>>> log4j-1.2.15.jar
>>> each app has:
>>> commons-logging-1.0.4.jar
>>> commons-logging-api.jar
>>> commons-logging.jar
>>> I'd like to avoid rolling back to how everything was, with a lot of
>>> repeated JAR files all over the place.  Has anyone run into a similar
>>> problem and found a decent solution?
>> 1. You have to read "Class Loading" page of the user manual.
>> Then I hope that you will note that it is a bad idea to move
>> everything into common/lib or shared/lib.
>> 2. If you have foo-x.y.z in your libs folder that will impede your
>> efforts to upgrade some webapps to foo-y.z.w.
>> Is is better to limit what you put into the common libs folder to
>> components that are needed by the server itself, like database
>> drivers.
>> 3. Why are you investing your time in several-years-old 5.5.25,  and
>> when the whole 5.5.x line is going to be abandoned in several months?
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