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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7.0.26 Expression Language Issue when Comparing Character Objects
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2012 20:06:55 GMT
2012/3/7 Christopher Schultz <>:
> I think that's the deal: Tomcat takes the character from your object's
> property and decides that everything should be coerced to Long, then
> tries to coerce your String literal to a Long, which obviously does
> not work (there appear to be no rules for coercing String to Number
> unless the target type is BigDecimal. It seems ambiguous to me since
> there is no "otherwise" in section 1.18.3 when String is being coerced
> to something other than BigDecimal.

The "If N is BigInteger then:" line below it is misaligned.

After the BigInteger cases there is
"If N.valueOf(A) throws an exception, then error."

So Long.valueOf(A).

>> It seems a little crazy to have to workaround this issue. I
>> shouldn't have to change my code. This greatly increases the amount
>> of code changes and testing we have to do in order to move
>> applications from Tomcat 6 to 7. If this is a bug in Tomcat 7.0.26
>> (x64) then we may hold off on the upgrade. However, if it is not a
>> bug, then please explain to me why my original code no longer works
>> and the best practices for implementation.

A bug in implementation of ELSupport.equals(A,B),

Fixed in 7.0.26 and also in 6.0 with

Before this change Strings were compared before numbers, contrary to the spec.

So you cannot stay on 6.0 without fixing your code.

>> I have identified 2 workarounds for this issue:
>> (1) Since it is a character, I can use the EL Function "contains" for
>> the comparison
>> <c:if test="${fn:contains(program.is_general_public_yn, 'N')}">
>>  <div class="sub_question">Please explain:</div><br />
>>  <c:out value="${program.general_public_explain}" />
>>  <br /><br />
>> </c:if>

fn:contains, fn:startsWith are good.

It is possible to force conversion of first operand to String and then
apply '==', e.g. ${fn:trim(program.is_general_public_yn) eq 'N'}, but
that will require more operations that just calling the above

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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