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From Chema <>
Subject Re: [Tomcat JDBC Pool] Close pooled connections via JMX
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 20:30:42 GMT
>> Do you have testOnBorrow="true" and a validationQuery="SELECT 1 FROM
>> DUAL" configured?
>> This should suffice to ensure each connection is valid before use.
> Pid,
> works like a charms. Thanks very much.

>From Tomcat doc for testOnBorrow setting:

"The indication of whether objects will be validated before being
borrowed from the pool. If the object fails to validate, it will be
dropped from the pool, and we will attempt to borrow another
For a true value to have any effect, the validationQuery parameter
must be set to a non-null string. Default value is false In order to
have a more efficient validation, see validationInterval Default value
is false"

I don't understand how it works now

By the way, what does "validate" a object ?


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