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From Alex Samad - Yieldbroker <>
Subject RE: IIS 7.0 Worker process crashes on App Pool recycling since ISAPI redirector 1.2.33
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 16:49:07 GMT

> >
> > Hi
> >
> > 1.2.32 was doing that for me.. 1.2.33 was meant to fix it, but I can't
> > get 1.2.33 to load.
> >
> > Do you use overlapping recycle and a web garden ?
> >
> > Alex
> >
> Thanks for your reply.
> I don't think I'm using a web garden - I just have one application pool for all
> virtual hosts which use the ISAPI redirector, and that application pool consists
> of a maximum of 1 worker process (the default IIS values). It is set to be
> recycled every 1740 minutes, and "disallowOverlappingRotation" for that
> pool is set to "false" - I guess that means I'm using overlapping recycle (a new
> w3wp.exe is started which takes new requests, and after all old requests are
> finished, the old w3wp.exe will be stopped).

The 1 processor thread is the key.  The problem I summarised with 1.2.32 is that the shared
memory is not protected by a OS semaphore, but an in process semaphore...  1.2.33 was mean
to address this by changing from an inprocess semaphore to a OS  semaphore.

I am surprised  you have 1.2.33 loading and working, every time I try to load it crashes out
on me.

Only quick solution I can think is that you move back to 1.2.32 :)

You might want to trial the system under load. I found that if you had about 500 connections
all try and reconnect at the same time with overlapping recycling it would corrupt the sharememory
it was a bit of a silent killer for us.

> Thanks,
> Konstantin Prei├čer
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