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From Alex Samad - Yieldbroker <>
Subject Trying to compile the tomcat connector
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 23:41:16 GMT

I am trying to compile the latest version from svn. (I have started a new thread at it a different

I have downloaded the latest trunk version, made a patch to Makefile.amd64

Index: Makefile.amd64
--- Makefile.amd64	(revision 1297756)
+++ Makefile.amd64	(working copy)
@@ -293,10 +293,10 @@
 "pcre_amd64" :
    cd ".\pcre"
-   $(MAKE) /$(MAKEFLAGS) /F ".\pcre.amd64"
+   $(MAKE) /$(MAKEFLAGS) /F ".\pcre.amd64" CFG="pcre.amd64"
    cd ".."
 "pcre_amd64CLEAN" :
    cd ".\pcre"
-   $(MAKE) /$(MAKEFLAGS) /F ".\pcre.amd64" RECURSE=1 CLEAN
+   $(MAKE) /$(MAKEFLAGS) /F ".\pcre.amd64" CFG="pcre.amd64" RECURSE=1 
    cd ".."

That seems to make it build.  But when I try to load it into IIS I get

>From Failed Request tracking  on IIS
Calling LoadLibraryEx on ISAPI filter "C:\YB\Shared\\ajpconfig\isapi_redirect.dll"

I tried to pull down 1.2.32 and compile it but more issues with that !  So I am not sure if
its my change to the makefile or the changes that have been made to the init_jk code !


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