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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: java.lang.IllegalStateException Question
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2012 15:05:07 GMT
Pid wrote:
> On 22/03/2012 15:47, Lobb, Janos wrote:
>> On Mar 22, 2012, at 7:40 AM, André Warnier wrote:
>>> Martin Gainty wrote:
>>>> Mitch
>>>> One possible cause
>>>> FE Application creates session
>>>> passes queryString or posted Data (hopefully in Sesion) to backend Axis WebService
>>>> Objects are serialized to disk with existing JSESSIONID
>>>> FE times out
>>>> back end responds to a disconnected session and tries to re-create session
>>>> Illegal StateException is thrown when client tries to (re)create new session
with old serialized JSESSIONID
>>> +1
>>> I would add that the "illegal state" indicated by the error message is a special
tomcat quantum state, resulting from a situation in which the response, while not being totally
sent yet, is in fact partially sent already, causing a certain amount of probabilistic confusion
a the level of the event horizon.
>>> This is caught by a hidden class in Tomcat, invoking a singleton object which
writes a generally nonsensical message in one of the logs, chosen at random.
>>> Due to the nature of the error, it is of course extremely hard to reproduce,
as one can find out either the exact time of the event, or its location, but not both.
>> Even if it is an "illegal state" it still should be either "clean" or "mixed".  If
clean, then Integrate(fn*(q,p)<illegal state>fn(q,p)dpdq should give the exact probability
and if it is in "mixed" then the diagonal fnm density matrix elements should do similarly.
 Of course if it is at the event horizon, then all bets are off, because there is still now
good theory combining quantum states with gravity :-)
> All of this is irrelevant if the OP is not using the Http11QuantumConnector.

He did not give us details of his configuration, so Janos and I were talking in all 

Is the Http11QuantumConnector (finally) released ? The last time I tested it, it was 
starting threads in random parallel universes, which made it hard to collect the results 
and clean up afterward (and never mind finding the logs).  Granted, heap memory was not an

issue anymore, but still I would not call this production-level code.

I think what we really need is a network trace. But a simple back-of-the-hand calculation

shows that to determine the precise cause with a 3-sigma level of certainty, we would need

a network trace covering at least 7 X 10 exp 24 seconds, which unfortunately exceeds the 
current high estimate of the age of the Universe by several magnitudes.  The same 
calculation shows that Konstantin's earlier explanation has a 99.87% probability of being

closer to the truth.  So before setting up the network trace, we would recommend to the OP

to check Konstantin's hypothesis, just in case.

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